Just watched the championship game – Kansas vs. Memphis and it looked like Memphis was running away with it, when Kansas made the comeback of a lifetime and sent the game to overtime. I’m a sucker for the drama of the game, and this was so much fun to watch. It was hard to know who to root for, because both teams were underdogs in their own right (it’s hard to call 2 number one seeds underdogs, but seriously…how many people were picking North Carolina to win this?)

That 3 point shot that Chalmers made to send the game into overtime has to be one of the best moments in college basketball history. The whole team had been throwing bricks from behind the 3 point line all night, but he took the shot and made it when it mattered most. Meanwhile, Memphis missed free throws when it mattered most, and really could have sealed the deal in regulation if they’d been a bit sharper at the line.

It’s a bit sad though. There’s the women’s championship game tomorrow, and then no more college basketball for a while.

Maybe the Jazz will make something happen in the playoffs. I can hope.