Well, we had a fantastic time in Seattle last week. It probably seems a bit crazy to start making decisions/plans to move there, when summer is the only time we’ve been there. But man, those summer days are beautiful! It was such perfect weather the whole time we were there. I really think I could put up with a lot of rain during winter to have a summer like that. In the meantime, back here at home, it’s 100 degrees today…too hot to really even be outside.

So, we are definitely starting to make plans. There was a possibility that we would try to do it quickly and be there for a job opening for Erica in August. But that is seeming more and more impossible to accomplish. There is still too much to do and figure out. We need to figure out housing, both here and there. We are torn about our house here in Salt Lake, which we love and have so many plans for. I wish we could take it with us! But I don’t think in the current market, selling for what we’d like to make on it will be possible. Renting seems a better option, though we’d sure prefer to rent to someone we know (any takers out there?) 🙂 I think if we can wait a couple of years – maybe even one depending on how the market goes – we can make enough to buy something up there. Plus, renting for a short while up there is appealing because it will give us a chance to figure out where we want to buy.

The town where our friend that we stayed with lives is so adorable, but it would be a very long commute if I end up working in downtown Seattle. And we don’t really know where Erica will be working either.

So…these are the things we are trying to figure out. I think we’d both really love it up there. I know there is concern about the amount of rain and the lack of sun during the winter. But really, how much sun do we get here? Even when it isn’t cloudy, the inversion gets so thick that you really can’t see the sun anyway. I wouldn’t miss the snow at all, actually, though Erica will. We will both miss being close to our families.

But, that said, I think at least for me, getting out of Utah will help my family relationships in a lot of ways. I have a tendency to hear news about what the church is doing and assume that everyone in my family agrees with it (the CA marriage issue is the most recent example). But that is not necessarily true. And I think if I can live somewhere where the church’s actions aren’t in the newspapers every day that I can let a lot of that worry go. I don’t want to become that person who is always angry about something the church is doing – and that will be much easier to accomplish living in a place where no one else will really care at all.

So, at this point, it’s mainly figuring out the housing issues and then figuring out the timing. I think we’ll have to hope for a bit of serendipity as far as jobs go. One or the other of us will obviously have to have a firm job offer in hand, and then the other will have to trust/hope that she can find one as well. I’ll be sad in many ways to leave my current job. But I have faith that I can find something, with the experience I have now, that I will like just as well. Hopefully I will like the people I work with as well as I do now.

More to come as we figure it out….