Well, the requests for a stay, including one from Utah’s own attorney general Mark Shurtleff, were denied today by the CA Supreme Court. Gay couples will be able to marry after June 17.

I would just like everyone to remember that the 4-3 majority who voted on the original decision and against this stay, are Republicans or were appointed by Republican governors.

I would also like attorney general Mark Shurtleff to remember that not only does Utah have a constitutional amendment, the United States also has the Defense of Marriage Act. Why was he even wasting his time filing this objection? Oh yeah, I remember, I wrote about it in my last post. We hate gays in Utah and we like to take every opportunity we can to make sure they know that.

Well, you can suck it, Mark Shurtleff.

What has happened to Mark Shurtleff, by the way? Local Utah voters may recall that he issued a statement back in 2004 when Utah voters were about to decide to vote Amendment 3 into the state constitution saying that it was a bad law and would deny a group of citizens the ability to be protected under the law. So what’s changed, Mark? If you thought Amendment 3 was bad, why wouldn’t you WANT a legal challenge in the form of a Utah couple getting married in CA and coming back here to challenge the status quo. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Why have you changed your stance?

He went a little nutty over the school voucher issue too, trying to force the school board to enact the voucher law despite the fact that it was going to a referendum with voters. So…when it comes to vouchers, it’s best to enact before the voters get their say, but when it comes to gay marriage, god forbid we let that happen before the voters have their say? And what happens if the voters don’t vote for an amendment in CA? Well, the world will end of course.

Why don’t we have any moderate Republicans in Utah? Or we don’t hear from them, at any rate. It seems that even the moderate ones become raging righties before long. Does the Eagle Forum really have that much power? Or is it something in the water up at the capital building?

Meanwhile, back in CA, joining Ellen and Portia in the gay celebrity wedding column, Mr. Sulu from Star Trek will wed his partner of 20 years in September. There is a difference of opinion on whether having high-profile gays get married in CA will help or hurt the overall gay marriage cause. I think only time will tell…and I think time will come out on our side, but it may take a LOT of it. (time, that is.) I think there will probably be somewhat of a backlash first…but my hope is that if CA doesn’t vote in the amendment, life will go on as normal and after a while people will realize that God isn’t going to smite anyone down.