Sometimes I think that, while I live in Utah, I shouldn’t watch the news or read the newspapers. It rarely fails to make me angry.

Today,this story ran in the Deseret News (and I’m sure other places as well). I made the mistake of reading some of the comments after the story, and was flabbergasted at the sentiments expressed. I shouldn’t have been…I’ve lived here long enough to know the score. And yet, I still can’t help myself from believing that people’s views are shifting, even if it’s slowly, towards more educated and tolerant viewpoints on being gay.

But nope, the posts decrying being gay as a “perversion,” as “dangerous” and “evil,” the aphorism that we can “love the sinner but hate the sin” – they were all there, more than once. One person said it makes her cringe when she hears people say being gay is something you’re born with. The few posters who were brave enough to say anything contrary to that were met with hatred and accused of promoting the Gay Agenda.

That’s probably my favorite one – the Gay Agenda, capital G and A. As though we are all meeting after work every day to plot ways to force all the straight people to be gay. Come on! Can rational people really not recognize how ludicrous that is? I know there are always going to be haters out there, but really, are we still so very far away from reality that people think the superintendent in this Utah County school district is somehow under the power of the Gays (cue spooky music) and cannot decide for herself on this issue? It astounds me!

And then it really really discourages me.


I guess I do have an agenda, as a gay person, but I certainly don’t feel like I have the power to make anyone else adhere to it. If the Gay Agenda was so powerful, why was Mayor Becker forced by the legislature to change the name of the partnership registry so that it didn’t sound too Gay? Why do these people not see that if the Gay Agenda was really as powerful as they seem to believe, gay marriage would be legal across the country at this point. It’s because it isn’t true, people! We have almost no power, and fewer rights. I had to endure a nudge nudge wink wink from my freaking accountant yesterday when I went to pick up my partner’s tax returns, because he had to call her and get her permission to let me pick them up. He’s all “even though you guys are the best of friends. guffaw guffaw.” Yeah, it’s really funny. Thanks dude. I won’t be seeing you next tax season.

blah. sometimes i really hate it here. not that it’s really that much better anywhere else, but this little lesbian still has hope in her heart that it is. somewhere out there.