Well, it seems like the thing to do these days, so here is my blog. It’s a funny thing, here at first. I spent a lot of time trying to decide how anonymous to be. Realistically, I don’t expect anyone to actually read this. But online, you can never be sure, so you have to start out assuming you’re fine with the whole world reading it.

My motivation for starting this blog is to have a place to occasionally rant, though I hope all my posts won’t be angry. 🙂 Right now, just coming off of the end of the Utah Legislative session, it’s hard to imagine not being angry, but I’m sure it will wear off. Not that Utah is alone in having embarrassing and, let’s just say it, stupid legislators. Oklahoma, for instance, has a legislator who is in some hot water now for saying some incredibly stupid things.

Read what she said.

It almost makes Chris Buttars sound sane. Okay, that’s a stretch. But still…Chris may hate gay people, but at least he’s not saying out loud that he thinks we’re worse than the terrorists. I wonder which he’d say was scarier? It would probably be a tough call for him.

Still, what happened to freedom of religion in this country? If I believe I am who God made me, why are these people allowed to infringe upon my rights because they believe differently? In some ways, Sally Kern is close to right, but her logic is inverted. I do believe that the fight for gay rights in this country could end up destroying what is left of the Constitution, not because God hates gay people, but because these religious extremists seem willing to decimate our nation’s most sacred documents and founding principles out of fear and ignorance. They will turn us into a religious state, all the while proclaiming that the founding fathers, who came here for freedom of religion, actually intended all along for this to be a “Christian nation.”

Hmmm…I must have missed that part of the Bill of Rights.

It’s because of this line of thinking that I felt a need to put my story out there, into the great dark void of the blogosphere, in the hopes that if people do read it, they might have a change of heart. For me, I have been a religious person most of my life, and I had to really battle with myself during my coming out not to completely turn my back on God. But in the end, coming out was an incredibly spiritual journey for me, and I came to believe that this is part of how God made me, and the sin would be in denying that and being unhappy for my whole life.

So, in future posts, I will talk about the things that have guided me and shaped me during my life, and we’ll see what happens. In the end, it will probably just be some good cheap therapy for me. But in the off chance that someone comes across these ramblings…I hope if nothing else, they can make you stop and think about the things that we all share, which are so much greater than the things that divide us.